What's Next Career Workshop

You've found your way here because you aren't sure what's next, and maybe you're feeling a little lost. Before any more scrolling and worrying, I have two pieces of good news for you:

1) You aren't alone! As a career coach, I work with mid-career professionals every day who are feeling unfulfilled or confused or both. It feels a little better knowing not everyone has it all figured out yet, right?

2) You can fix this! With help, you can find your direction, take the steps you need to get there, and make a change that will bring you more fulfillment and joy in your career. It's 100% possible!

That's what the What's Next Workshop is all about. 

Finding the clarity you need to make progress forward. Saving you the time of figuring this all out all by yourself. Building the confidence you need to make some moves. Defining success on your own terms. Creating a career and life you love.  

Life's too short and too long to live it any other way!

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” said Alice “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.


Does this process really work?

Yes, but don't just take it from me. Hear from my 1:1 coaching clients!

"After losing my ‘mediocre but it pays the bills’ job due to COVID, I thought- “Great! It's time to do what I really want to do! Finally I can LOVE my job! “ Then it hit me...I have no idea what I want to do. Enter Becca! Like a magical guide she helped me find out what passions I could turn into a business and then guided my next steps. The answer was right in front of me all along. You have to put in the work (and I needed to dig deep, face a few fears and experience the journey) but with Becca’s guidance the journey was easy, enjoyable and enlightening. Don’t struggle with this by yourself."


"When I started this career journey I had no idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, or how I could get there. I had no idea how to write a resume, or a cover letter, or how to network effectively. Becca helped me build confidence, focus in on my skills, and put my best foot forward. Now I am about to be starting a job at a company I am beyond passionate about."


"Becca was able to help me pivot in my career, define a new professional vision, prioritize my work and life commitments, and support me in my pursuit of entrepreneurship. Today, I’m leading a team of professionals in a job I adore; while also proactively engaging my own thought leadership development and business goals."


Intrigued but you want to get a sneak peek before you commit?

I'm with you! Try before you buy by checking out a portion of Module 1 below.

Note: This sneak peek is from a live webinar held March 2021.